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At St. Stephen we all believe that God wants us to come as we are and experience the joy and hope of gathering together in Jesus' name.

The Narrative Lectionary Our worship life this year is based on the narrative lectionary. Developed in conjunction with Luther Seminary, it is a set of readings for Christian worship which moves through the overarching biblical story in a ninth-month period. Respecting the traditional Christian church year with seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, and Pentecost; the narrative lectionary also respects the rhythms of the school year or program year. 

· In the fall of each year, we move rapidly through the Old Testament story -- beginning in Genesis around the start of September and culminating with the promise of the Messiah during December (Advent).

· In the winter of each year, the narrative lectionary moves in order through one Gospel -- tracing the story of Jesus in canonical order from birth, through ministry, passion, and culminating with the story of the resurrection at Easter. This year that will be John.

· In the spring of each year, the narrative lectionary engages part of the story of the early church, as told in Acts and other New Testament writings.